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Charging Box

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You are probably familiar with the problem:

You are at a wedding or visiting a client. But as is so often the case, you will only find a few sockets to charge your devices and these are still wildly distributed! Or: You are tidying up after a long wedding and you are no longer sure whether you have found and put everything together?!

Not anymore!!!

Originally this charging / power box was only built for our internal use, but due to your numerous feedback, we are now also offering it for sale!

Our wooden charging box for you with an individual configuration So you have stowed all charging cables in one place and no longer have to worry about forgetting something. In addition, you no longer need countless sockets, because just one socket becomes several! The example images above illustrate our current use of the power box! Of course, you can equip your charging box with your own charging cables and power supply units in a unique way, according to your wishes - as is most convenient for you!

The item includes the engraved wooden box and a glued-in 6-way power strip depending on your design requirements. The cable length is about 1.4 meters. Power packs and charging cables are not included in the price.


- You can also select an adapter for your charging box. With the 4-in-1 adapter you can easily charge 4 devices at once. 1x 230V Schuko + 2x USB-A + 1x USB-C connections are available with fast charging.

Note on ventilation:

We have deliberately set up the box so that you have to have it open when the charger is active. The cable must then be routed through the lid so that the heat generated can escape. For transport you can put everything in the box and take it anywhere with the handle.

Have fun with this relief, which definitely makes your job look more organized and even more professional!

Notes on engraving

Your desired engraving should have at least 300 dpi. The higher the quality the better! Save your logo in black and white. Your engraving is black on a pure white or transparent background. Possible formats are JPG // PNG // PDF // or AI. Name the file with your order number and your name (e.g. 12543_Tobias_Huber.jpg). Should the file be sent incorrectly. An incorrect engraving, i.e. identical to the file sent, cannot be ruled out. Send us the file to: Mail@Meine-Holzbox.de

Size of your engraving:

We place your logo in our template & engrave a width of approx. 140 mm (the height is proportional). If you have a desired size (bigger or smaller), then please write this clearly in your e-mail with your logo attached.