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  • > 1088 trees planted in Germany
  • With social claim
  • Personalized engraving
  • Worldwide shipping
  • > 1088 trees planted in Germany


1,990.00 €
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You are also a PHOTOFRIEND and have been looking for a passive income for a long time?!

Then this is the right place for you, because here you can get your own photo box for less than €2,000

However, I want to tell you a few things about our photo box and list a few plus points. We have been renting photo boxes for over 8 years now and have already rented out many hundreds of boxes, we currently have 6 boxes in use and we are still expanding for 2023, so that we can offer our customers a total of 8 boxes! All this experience is now flowing together and together with our friend @NicoSoica we are designing a completely new photo box for which there has never been anything like this before and which is FIX & DONE for you to rent out directly.

The nice thing is, if you take a rent of 250€ at the weekend, for example, then you are already in the plus with the 8th rental!

Product description & scope of delivery

- The box will be built for you from a black frame case. Main materials are aluminum and wood ( who would have thought that ;) )

- The heart of your photo box will be a high-quality system camera from LUMIX with a zoom lens.

- The whole thing is triggered via a durable wired button.

- A studio flash ensures perfect illumination and there will also be a focus light in the photo box.

- It is important to us that you have little direct work with the photo box, so all components are supplied with power supplies and you don't have to worry about rechargeable batteries or batteries.

- In addition to a very special design, there will also be the option of embellishing your photo box with your logo, which will definitely make your photo box unique!


The photo box has a black screen as a starting point. After the release, the image is displayed on the monitor for about 10 seconds. Laughs & a surprise effect are guaranteed!


- You get access to my strategy video: How do I rent photo boxes, how do I get more bookings for photo boxes, photo shoots and weddings

(German Video)

- You get access to the function video: Here you can find out everything you need to know about the individual components and easily get to know the individual functions of the photo booth.

- You will get access to my delivery video: I will show you how I hand over my photo box, what I explain to the customer and how I do everything very simply and efficiently.

Now I can only advise you to be quick and our team is looking forward to building your first, second or maybe even third photo box! The first planned delivery will take place by March/April 2023. If we finish earlier, everything will of course be delivered earlier!

As with all our personalized items, please send us your logo after your order with your order number by email to: Mail@meine-holzbox.de

PS: A photo printer is not planned at the moment because the photo box would then cost over €3500.


Please pay the amount by bank transfer or send PayPal to friends, otherwise there will be a PayPal fee of approx. 43€. To pay in installments, just write to us.