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USB flash drive "diamond" set of 3

from 39.90 €

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The USB stick made of glass with different closures, optionally in the colors "walnut", "gold" or "rose gold" is a special "diamond" among the storage media.

The wooden and metal caps have a magnet on the inside to keep it on the USB flash drive and avoid dust getting into the stick.

The set contains three USB flash drives. With 16 GB, the memory sticks offer enough space for the photos you have taken with love.

Logo information:

  • Please keep your desired engraving for USB flash drive simple. It is best to use only a part of your logo, so it will be legible on your individual wooden USB stick.
  • If you order a variant with laser engraving, send us your logo with your name & order number e.g. "Max Mustermann-1715.jpg" to: Mail@Meine-Holzbox.de
  • Convert your logo into a black and white file with one of the following formats as JPG // PNG // PDF.
  • The logo should be between 50 and 500 KB in size. The size is then set automatically by us and is independent of the file size sent.

Manufacturer information on the size of the storage media Windows / Ios primarily calculate with bits instead of bytes. 1 byte = 8 bits applies. Furthermore, it also applies that 1 MB = 1024 bytes or 1 GB = 1024 MB. The memory size increases in 1 MB x 2 x steps. You can see this on our website by the fact that capacities always double and after 4 GB there is no 8 GB, for example. For this reason, chip manufacturers always round up so that it is not too complicated for the end user. Therefore the real memory does not match. A certain percentage of the memory (usually around 5%) is also reserved for the firmware of the chip so that it can be recognized by the computers.