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  • Personalized engraving
  • With social claim
  • Personalized engraving

Wooden box for photo album

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We refine your wooden box for photo albums and pictures with a wood engraving, or optionally an engraving on a metal plate. The wooden box or the metal plate are processed using a complex and precise laser process. Your personal engraving is possible from on order of one album box.

With our album box you rely on 100% handmade with lots of love! All boxes are manufactured in supervised & socially friendly workshops for people with disabilities in the Allgäu! Processing time, high-quality materials and an eye for detail form the basis for your album box. Industrial production is deliberately avoided, so that you get a handmade unique piece with sustainable & social responsibility. Top quality from Germany - From conception to manufacture, we focus on high quality in our album box. With your purchase decision, you don't just bring home some wooden photo booth. YOU set an example! With the purchase you make a big contribution to making the carpentry teams from the workshops of our cooperation partners happy and proud of their work.

Additional product information

wood and metal
32 cm x 32 cm x 4,5 cm