Recommendation - Thank you box

Recommendation - Thank you box

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  • The wooden gift and recommendation box is perfect for thanking special people. We use them as a thank you for a recommendation and as a very special Christmas present.


  • In order to emphasize the personal bond even more and to secure our customers, we always put a photo-coupon with us.


  • With a lot of charm, an emotional connection to the most beautiful moments of your customers can be taken to the next level.


  • It is about 30.5cm x 21.5cm x 8cm our largest box with the most interior.
  • You have the choice whether you fill the box yourself or buy a filled box from us and perfect it for yourself! (The content is different for EVERY box :))

    With this product you do not just buy a wooden box.

  • You also support a handicapped workshop, which manufactures our boxes to the highest quality standards in the Allgäu.


  • Just your wooden box with social claim.


  • If you order a variant with logo please send this with your order number to:

Convert your logo to 300/600 dpi and save it as black and white file with one of the following formats as PNG // PDF // GIF or AI

We can deliver the best quality if you send us a vector file for the wood engraving.

For your order with logo, the delivery time is extended by one week.

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