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  • Personalized engraving
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  • With social claim
  • Personalized engraving
  • Worldwide shipping

We are Meine-Holzbox

In 2016, when I was working in a workshop together with people with disabilities, I came up with the idea of ​​making a box out of wood. With this wooden gift box it was possible for me to suprise my photography customers with their most beautiful pictures with an absolutely high-quality gift. That was the beginning of Meine Holzbox.

Quality - transparency - trust - personality - individuality are not just my personal principles, but also the values ​​of our entire team at Meine-Holzbox.

"If you want to create something extraordinary, you need an extraordinary team "

Our complete wooden box production is located in two workshops for people with disabilities in the Allgäu. The leading carpenters work closely with us there, exchange ideas and produce designs for new sizes and variations.

Every single box is unique - whether wooden gift box, wooden gift box XXL, album box or USB box and has wandered through through many enthusiastic hands in the manufacturing process. Every box is full of passion and a lot of love.

The support of such a social institution is important to me. That is why we made a conscious decision to work with these great, hard-working and committed people and hope to inspire you in the same way!

Nice that you are with us and want to be part of us!

Tobi and the entire team of Meine Holzbox

Our team

Tobias Huber


Tobi is a managing director, passionate wedding photographer and inventor of the wooden gift box. He is social media talent and in contact with you on Instagram and Facebook.

Lilli und Sonja

Lilli & Sonja

Lilli & Sonja laser your desired engravings on boxes and USB sticks and ensure that they arrive well packaged.


Corinna has been working at Meine-Holzbox since February 2020 and is responsible for everything related to e-commerce.